Jacoby Ellsbury: What does his injury mean for his team?

Think back to April 11th, the Red Sox were at the Kansas City Royals, a foul ball was hit and Adrian Beltre and Jacoby Ellsbury both sprinted for the ball. Beltre caught it for only a second, then collided with Ellsbury, which caused Beltre to do somewhat of a flip, after he kneed Ellsbury in the ribs. Beltre got up and walked it off, but Ellsbury did not get up. It probably surprised most Red Sox fans that Ellsbury didn’t get up and walk it off too, for he z.jpghad ran into many walls before. No one knew that this was Ellsbury’s last game for a morethan a month, nor did anyone want to think of thought of losing the Red Sox’s leading man.

At first, the Red Sox came out and said Ellsbury would be back by the following Wednesday, which was only three days after his collision. But that didn’t happen. The Red Sox then hoped that they could have him back a little after a week after he obtained his injury, but reports said that Ellsbury just wasn’t feeling well enough to play. Redsox.com started posting articles entitled “Ellsbury’s timetable still uncertain” and “Red Sox put Ellsbury on DL”. And then came the big one “Ellsbury has hairline fracture in four ribs”. The fractures were found when Ellsbury requested a cat scan. ‘”For me, it just wasn’t getting better,” said Ellsbury. “I kind of asked
for it — the MRI and the CT — and I’m glad I went about and did it,
just to get some kind of closure of what was going on.”‘ (redsox.com)

It seemed like once Ellsbury’s true injury was known, things started to get better. At the end of April, he started hitting off a tee. In the first week of May, he did full batting practice. And on May 17th, he started an official “rehab stint” playing a game with the Triple A Pawtucket PawSox and and a game with the Double A Portland Sea Dogs. Reports said both games went great, he went 1-3 in Pawtucket and got three hits and stolen base in Portland. After seeing Ellsbury back on his game, the Red Sox activated him off the disabled list on May 22nd. He played center field that night, and did fine it seemed. But Jacoby Ellsbury wouldn’t be playing for long.

“Troublesome ribs put Ellsbury back on DL” Red Sox reported only six days after he was activated from the disabled list. Ellsbury only played three games during the six days. ‘”I mean, basically, I tried to play with a level of discomfort, knowing
that I wasn’t 100 percent, and doing so worsened my condition,” Ellsbury
said. “But I saw a thoracic specialist today and he basically advised
me that I need to be at a further stage of healing before I resume play.
To this point right now, I really don’t have a timeline for when I’m
going to come back.”‘ (redsox.com)

Ellsbury investigated his injury further by flying to LA to seek a well-know sports medicine doctor’s advice. The doctor told Ellsbury he had a different type of fracture in his ribs, one that was probably from a diving catch in one of the games he played after coming off the DL list. Ellsbury is now at a training complex in Arizona, trying to speed up his recovery. It has been reported that he will most likely not be back by the All-Star break.
Information found on redsox.com

Ellsbury was the Red Sox’s star player in my opinion, and so I kept wondering if his absence was hurting the Red Sox. The first seven games the Red Sox played, they were 1-6. Overall, in all the games the Red Sox have played without Ellsbury, the team is 37-25, (60% wins) with numerous winning streaks. But it should be noted, that a lot of the Red Sox losses were lost by 1-2 runs, and Ellsbury’s speed could of made a different outcome. He could’ve easily stolen to second, and to third, and on a single, made it home. The Red Sox lost games to the Baltimore Orioles, the worst team in the AL, which didn’t happen last year with Ellsbury playing. Of the games Jacoby has played in this year, the Red Sox were 6-3.  But even with those 25 losses, the Red Sox are still hanging on. As for the AL Eastwall.jpg title, at this point last year, the Red Sox held the 1st place spot. Right now, the Red Sox are only one game behind the Yankees to take the 1st place spot. The Red Sox do not have the most stolen bases in the AL either, because Ellsbury was their main bag stealer. Dustin Pedroia holds the most stolen bases this year with 8. Ellsbury, even though he’s played only nine games, is tied for 4th with Kevin Youkilis with 2 stolen bases.

At this point, you can’t conclude that the Red Sox’s losses are because of his injury, and you can’t say that the Red Sox would be number one if Ellsbury had not gotten injured. Sure, you can tell Yankees fans it’s why we’re not first, but really, we’re only one game behind and we’ve discovered some new players that the Red Sox can depend on. Look at Bill Hall, Darnell McDonald, and Daniel Nava. Each one has brought a tremendous amount to the team and have been able to keep the team in shape.

To conclude, yes, losing Ellsbury was not the best for the Red Sox. But this allowed the team to show they can adapt without their star player. Ellsbury will be back soon, and then it will be back to old times.

Images courtesy of masslive.com and AP Photo/Nick Wass

We are in the playoffs, baby!

Aw, what a relief to us Red Sox fans! We’ve clinched the Wild Card title and we’re in the playoffs. It’s…
so good 2.JPG 
Once again the Red Sox will play the Anaheim Angels in  the AL Division Series. This is the third time in a row the Red Sox will play them in the Division Series. We beat them last year, and I have faith in my Sox we will beat them once again.

I want to send out a BIG THANK-YOU to the Texas Rangers for losing last night. I know it stinks to lose, not only to the Angels, but also a chance at the Wild Card. But thanks! You definitely made my day! I read on the Red Sox website that Sox players stayed around in the clubhouse to watch the Angel- Rangers game till the very end to see if they got the playoff spot. Some went home after their devastating loss to the Blue Jays, (yes, the BLUE JAYS!) while many stayed around. It was reported that 90% of the team was back in the clubhouse after the news that the Rangers LOST!”
Jason Bay said “It’s a little different waiting around for another game to end, but at
the same time, any time you get to the playoffs, ultimately that’s
where you want to be. I don’t see how this would ever get

I hope to see this picture at the end of next month. That would definitely make my day! (year, actually!!)

superman.jpg So, I’m sooo proud of my Boston Red Sox. I hope we win. And I faith in them that they will win. I also have to say, even though I don’t want to, congrats to the Yankees for winning the AL title. You beat my boys, so I guess your pretty good. Haha!

I have to go back to my homework… I just wanted to post that my Sox are in the playoffs and I’m so proud!



Fan Rivalry More than Team Rivalry?

Right now, the Red Sox and the Yankees are in the fourth inning, with the Sox up by one run. The Sox are finally leading, which hasn’t happen yet in this series. (Let’s hope we keep it)

But I’m not writing this post about how the Red Sox are hitting (nice RBI Lowell!) or how the Yankees are pitching (geez, I wish we had Sabathia, though!), I’m writing this post because I’ve noticed that the word we use for how the Red Sox and Yankees teams get along, rivalry, is more a word that should be used for how Red Sox and Yankees fans get along.

This is a typical conversation between a die hard Red Sox fan and a die hard Yankees fan: (well, in my high school, anyway)

Yankee Fan: How are your dead sox doing?
Red Sox Fan: Better than your spankees.
Yankee Fan: Oh yah, who’s got the first place spot right now? I think we do.
Red Sox Fan: Well we have the play-off spot.
Yankee Fan: Not like you’re going to win the World Series anyway. It took you 86 years to win one.
Red Sox Fan: We’ll we’ve won two in the last 5 years. Have you?

…and it goes on and on.

I honestly don’t think this is the type of conversation that happens between a Red Sox player and a Yankee player, before or after a game or talking to each other on the field. Do you really think that the baseball players (Yankees and Red Sox) get all hyped up about this particular series? I think that us Red Sox fans were dreading more the series at Tropicana Field than this series.
ortiz damon.jpg
I was reading comments on redsox.com, specifically the ones that are about the Yankees and the Red Sox. This is what I found:
A Red Sox insult: (referring to how a Yankee fan only come to redsox.com when they lose)
“it really is pathetic, if you think about it. Trolls only come when
they win, and to what? Brag about it. Really childish”

A Yankee Insult:
(In retaliation to the first comment) 
“LOL, as if the SOX fans don’t do EXACTLY the same thing? Listen up, I
spent over 12 years in MA and can tell you the SOX and PATS fans are the
worst anywhere. They are really bad losers, full of excuses and
complaints and even worse they re bad winners, full of arrogance.
I will NEVER forget the way the NYG were TRASHED by the NE fans before
the Super Bowl in which they HUMILIATED your cheating team. I also
remember after you beat the Yankees the first 8 games of the season
this year how you claimed the Yankees were done, finished, could NEVER
beat th SOX.. I believe the term used by the fans just before the 4
game series swept by the NYY was “bring on the Stankees”, or some such

I’m not saying this rivalry isn’t “fun” or is “stupid”, but I was quite amazed how BIG of a rivalry these series are to fans. No, I have never been to a Red Sox vs. Yankees game to see how fans treat each other there, but I think its actually funny how big of thing this is to New England and New York. What’s your view on the rivalry? More for the players or more for the fans?

My new definition of rivalry: When the Boston Red Sox play the New York Yankees or vice versa, fans go crazy and insult each other with bad come-backs.

Just kidding!

I’m still going to be wearing this shirt though:

The Playoffs are in our Future!

It’s been forever since I’ve last posted an entry to my blog, (27 days
ago to be exact) and I’ve really missed it. School’s started and instead of staying up ’till ten
to watch my Sox, I’m studying English vocab or doing Pre-Calculus
problems. Not my idea on how to spend my nights. Haha. But
needless to say, the first thing I do in the morning is to turn on NESN
and watch the recap of the previous game. And I have to say, the Red
Sox are definitely showing other teams, especially the Yankees, just
how powerful a team we are. And watch out Yanks– we’re going ALL THE
WAY this year! World Series in our near future! ( I can see it with my crystal ball)

I do have to admit, a few months ago I was not totally sure if there was light at the end of the tunnel. My beloved Red Sox were not getting the wins they needed to get, and the Yankees were taking no mercy against the teams they faced.
But now, we’ve got the Wild Card Lead in our grasp; it’s so close that we can touch it, and almost smell it, but it’s not officially ours yet.

I think us Sox fans are feeling pretty good about our Wild Card spot at the moment, we’re up nine games, and on a winning streak. We have the Kansas City Royals series starting tomorrow, followed by the dreaded Yankees series for 3 games, a series with the Jays at home, followed by our last regular season series with the Cleveland Indians. (I can’t wait to see Justin Masterson back at Fenway!!)

We had a lot of Red Sox birthdays in the past two weeks, including Michael Bowden’s (9/9) Nick Green’s (9/10), Jacoby Ellsbury’s (9/11), Dice-K’s (9/13) and Jason Bay’s is today. So Happy Birthday Michael, Nick, Jacoby, Dice-K and Jay-Bay!!

Anywho, I’m quite curious to hear not only Red Sox fan’s opinions on the Red Sox’s play-off spot, but everyone’s opinion. I miss my Red Sox soo much, and to tell you how out of the loop I was for the first few weeks of school, I never heard the Brad Penny had been traded!! I was on Twitter (feel free to add me redsoxmelissa) and I was talking to a woman who was talking about Brad Penny pictching at a Dodgers game. The Red Sox were playing another team at the time, definitely at the Dodgers so I asked her if she was talking about the Sox’s Brad Penny. And sure enough, she was. It was a moment for joy for me. The Red Sox finally got rid of their worst two pitchers, Smoltz and Penny. Woohoo!
So please share your opinions with me and I hope I can get on some more. And if there’s any big Red Sox happenings, please fill me in!

***The Red Sox have swept the series against the Orioles! Congrats, Sox!***

Only a radio and the newspaper

All last week, I was up camping in Maine with no cell phone reception, no TV, and no computer to blog at. The only way to see how my Red Sox did was the daily newspaper, which often didn’t have the final scores in them or to listen to the radio. But I still followed the Sox, and overall, from reading and hearing about their week, it sounded pretty good.

I left them on a great night. The first game of the series with the Rangers made it feel good to be a Red Sox fan. The Sox came back in the ninth to score SIX RUNS, after being back by two runs, taking away the Ranger’s chance of a walk-off game.The first excitement of the game came when Big Papi hit a two-run homer in the 6th inning to tie the game 2-2. But then, in the same inning, we gave up a run, going back to losing. We gave up another run the next inning, but apparently, we were saving the BIG EXCITEMENT for the last inning. So, we had gotten 5 runs so far, and the score was 7-8. We did have two outs, and Martinez was down two strikes, but that didn’t put any (or not enough) pressure on him. He hit a double, allowingbuchholzpinchrunning.jpg two runs to be scored. Another one could’ve been scored, but we had our fellow pitcher Buchholz pinch-running and he got into a pickle, decided to slide into home face first and unfotunately got out. But we had already gotten enough runs to take the lead and we didn’t allow the Rangers to score in the bottom of the ninth…so we won! And we now were up 1 1/2 games in the wild-card race. I was glad the last game I would watch for a week was a great one (a little disappointed Jacoby had the night off!) and left for Maine with high hopes for my Sox.
For the next week, I didn’t see any Red Sox games, including the last two against the Rangers, the three against the Blue Jays and just one of the games against the Yankees. (I just couldn’t miss this series!) But, I do remember what I read in the Boston Globe, and later the Boston Herald, as I couldn’t go Sox-less for a whole week! 😉

Going to bed in my cabin nestled up in the middle of Maine Saturday night (a week ago), I wondered if Penny blew it or saved us and whether or not we would win to improve our wild-card lead or be barely clenching it by only a half game. My thoughts were not answered Sunday morning, as the game did not end in time for the paper to print the scores. So it was Monday morning, when I found out not only did the Sox lose Saturday’s game, but Sunday’ssadpenny.jpg also. And we no longer owned the wild card. Boy, was I disappointed. What I do remember about the series is Jason Bay and Victor Martinez got the only runs Saturday night for the Sox, and they lost 7-2. Ouch. Then Sunday’s day game they lost 4-3, and we got another pair of home runs that night from Dustin Pedroia and David Ortiz. I guess from what I read that Tazawa also had a okay night, as he only gave up 4 runs on 10 hits.

After reading about their two losses, I once thought, was I there good luck charm? Do they need me to watch
them to win? Apparently not, because the we got a series sweep against
the Blue Jays.

 Monday was their night off, and also Dustin Pedroia’s 26th birthday. So, a happy belated birthday to Dustin Pedroia! Of course our very own AL MVP got his birthday off. I hope he had a great day.

On Tuesday night, the campground had a campfire sing-a-long, not my favorite thing, but we got to sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”. We were asked to sing our favorite team when we got to the part “root, root for the home team” and replace home team with our team of choice. (Sorta like what happens when the song is sung at Fenway) There were people at this camp from Washington (state) to Maryland, so I was expecting a little bit of variety. But, nope, all you could hear was “RED SOX”. It was pretty cool.
Anyway, the newspaper was able to print the scores of Tuesday’s game in Wednesday’s morning paper, and FINALLY! The Red Sox (barely) won the first game against the Jays, 10-9. All I remember reading is that Beckett did not get the win but did not get the loss.Okajima got the win, Bard got the hold and Papelbon got the save. A win, I’ll take it. Though, the best part of reading about that game was Dustin Pedroia wasn’t in Toronto to play because he had become a daddy just a few
hours before. Dustin, and his wife Kelli,dustin.jpg welcomed their first son, who
they named Dylan on August 18th. I remember reading that and was like
“awwww!”. Congrats, Pedroias! 
Wednesday’s game was a memorable game too. Our three power hitters all got home runs, Ortiz, Bay and Martinez. They all helped to win the game 6-1.Buchholz got another win, which is good to hear. His base running didn’t affect his pitching at all. He was also not bothered (or so it seems) by the fact he was going up against big-time Roy Halladay.I was lucky enough to hear this game live on the radio, and went to bed happy. Let’s not also forget we had gotten back out wild-card spot, because fortunately for us, the Rangers ended their winning streak as we started ours.

Thursday night I also listened to the game live. J.D. Drew (who my dad always calls Nancy Drew) got a two-run homer, and went 4-4 that game and Ellsbury got a couple of hits. Lester pitched a great game, and our newest pitcher Cabrera ended it. Another great win for the RedJD Drew.jpg Sox. A big win too, 8-1 and sweeping the Blue Jays series. A big accomplishment, but we all had another thought in our head, now it’s time to take on the Yankees.

Friday night was a scary night in two ways. 1, I was up in Maine stuck in a series of thunder storms that lasted 3 hours and we had lost power and a tornado warning had been issued, and 2, the score at the end of the first game of the Yankees Red Sox series: 11-20, Yankees. Since I was stuck in a cabin and had no power I did not get to listen to this game, not that I exactly wished I had. A bad loss. That’s all to be said. I found this out after I had left Maine, gotten reception and checked the score on my phone. I had no desire to read the game summary after I saw that Penny pitched.

Saturday night, I finally had the chance to watch a Red Sox game in a week. Aw, to see Jacoby…err…I mean the Red Sox again! I didn’t watch the full game, as I was at a friend’s house, but I was able to see the first six innings, which had 4 home runs spread out in them. Youkilis got two, our new short stop Gonzalez got one and Big Papi got his 20th. I later found out it was a walk-off game for the Red Sox as we SPANKED (I know, we were spanked yesterday, but I haven’t used this word in awhile against the Yankees) New York 14-1. Tazawa, you are my hero!

Last night though, was a disappointment. We had Beckett. BecKKKKet. He hadn’t lost in forever. Can you remember the last game he lost? But last night, our ace got a loss, and dumb old Sabathia got a win to have more wins then our Beckett. He gave up 5 home runs yesterday to the Yankees. We were tied at one point during the game, but that was soon lost. We lost 8-4 to the Yankees. At least they didn’t sweep us, right?

So, tallying up the week:
The Red Sox won: 4 times
The Red Sox lost: 4 times
Do we still hold the Wild Card spot? Yes.

The week had its ups and downs, we do have a good schedule coming up. The White Sox are tonight, and then on the 26th we play Toronto. I’m not saying these games are definite wins, but they should be easier then the Yankees and the Rangers.

So, how did I do? Did I miss a lot in the last week? I’m glad to be home, where I can sit on the couch and just watch the Red Sox play. And I’m really glad to have cellphone reception. 😉

Let’s go Red Sox!

10 Things We Need to do To Win the Series

Tonight, we take on the Rangers. We lost a three game series to them in July, and if there’s any games we need to win, it’s these 3. We need to try our hardest to win this series, or else we’ll not only be fighting the Yankees for the AL East top title, we’ll also be fighting the Rangers for the Wild Card spot. So…WE NEED TO WIN!

Watching the game yesterday afternoon, it was obvious we didn’t have our “spark”. Maybe it was because Youk couldn’t play because of his suspension or Pedroia and Drew had the night off or maybe it’s because we were too confident after winning 3 games of the series so far.

Anywho, I put together a list of the 10 ten things we need to do tonight, tomorrow night and Sunday to win the series against the Rangers. (and potentially secure our spot in the play-offs)

***The Red Sox have just acquired Cincinnati Red’s SS Alex Gonzalez and SS Chris Woodward was designated for assignment. It has been reported that the Red Sox traded single **** Kris Negron for Gonzalez. He is expected to join the team tomorrow in Texas.***

10 Things We Need to do To Win the Series

  1. Our pitching absolutely needs to be consistent. When there is a single sign that a pitcher needs to be relieved, don’t think twice. I can’t tell you how many times that the Red Sox starting pitchers had 0 earned runs up to a certain inning and then pitched the seventh orpitcher change.jpg eighth inning and gave up one to three runs or more. If we see Penny, Buchholz, Beckett, Lester or Tazawa showing signs of exhaustion, or look like their struggling, take them out. (Though, for this series, only Lester, Penny and Tazawa are pitching) Also, I know that Beckett and Lester can get pretty far into games, but over 120 pitches and we’re only winning by one run? Take them out. We have a great set of relievers, 6 of them in all. And speaking of relievers, that brings me to item #2.
  2. Let’s use our relievers better. We have 5 right handed relievers and one left handed reliever. In the time we need a reliever, we should use them in the order as follows: Bard (ERA 2.88), Okajima (ERA 3.00), Saito (ERA 3.07), Ramirez (ERA 3.30), Delcarmen (ERA 3.44) and Cabrera (ERA 4.96). Now, I know Cabrera threw a great inning two games ago, and gave up no runs and Saito hasn’t been finding the pitch zone well lately, but we know that Bard and Okajima are reliable, as well as Saito, Ramirez (sometimes) and Delcarmen. I’d rather use Cabrera if we absolutely have too. Yes, he’s thrown for other MLB teams, but I’m not so set in stone with him yet.
  3. Limited play time for Varitek. Youkilis can’t play 3rd or 1st for this series because of his suspension. So here’s my game play: Victor Martinez will catch. Why him over Jason Varitek? One, his BA is .61 points higher than Jason Varitek, and two, V-Mart is 6 years younger than ‘Tek, and his arm is just a little bit fresher, and we really need that. At 3rd base, our hot hitting man Mike Lowell and at first base Casey Kotchman. I debated over if Martinez should play 1st and have Varitek catch, but then looking at their past at-bats, I decided Kotchman has been doing better than ‘Tek.victor.jpg
  4. David Ortiz, we need you to hit! Do I need to say more? A home run here or there in this series would be amazing, and David, since you are the DH for the team, how-a-bout you step up to the plate and smack one right out of the Rangers Ballpark? We love you Papi, show us some love back!
  5. Let’s put our new man Alex Gonzalez at SS, not Nick Green. We just acquired (and ultimately got back) Alex Gonzalez from the Cincinnati Reds. He has only made 6 errors this season, as Nick Green made 14. I love Nick Green, but we need to try out a new SS. *Alex starts with the Red Sox tomorrow, so I guess we’ll have to use Nick today*
  6. Jacoby Ellsbury and Dustin Pedroia need to both get hits, being in the 1-2 spot. If you have noticed, when Ellsbury is at his first AB of the game and gets a single or a double, the game goes a lot smoother. Pedroia, who’s been hitting home runs recently, also does better when Ellsbury gets on base. It gives Ellsbury a chance to steal also, allowing him to get in scoring position. Anyone who knows Ellsbury’s speed knows that heellsbury pedroia rd sox.jpg can score on a crazy pitch from second.  Scoring=good.
  7. Jason Bay needs to crush another ball into the left field. Good ‘ol J-Bay, let’s hit another 3-run homer! Jason Bay has been been on fire the last 5 games, not inculding last night and has helped us gain the lead or secure our lead. If he does it tonight, I think we’ll be fine. The only thing Jason Bay needs to take to mind is the the Texas Ranger’s Ballpark’s left field is 322 ft away from home plate, while the Green Monster of left field of Fenway is only about 304 feet away.
  8. The lineup also needs to be reliable. I talked about using our most reliable pitchers for this series, and I think Terry Francona needs to do the same with the lineup. The guys get a break August 17th, and they can wait out this three game series before taking it. Taking Pedroia out of last night’s game probably wasn’t the best move, as the same with Drew. So tonight, and the following two, the lineup shall consist of: Ellsbury, Pedroia, Martinez, Bay, Oritz, Lowell, Drew, Woodward and Kotchman. I know how much work goes into the lineup, and I have no knowledge on how to make the perfect lineup, but with those nine guys, I think which ever way they are put, it would make a dynamite nine.
  9. The Red Sox can’t take too much confidence into each game. I think that’s what happened last game, and even though it’s great the Sox have confidence, I don’t think it did us much good last night. The Red Sox should know they can play well, but not think they don’t have to try their hardest hardest to win. They do, if they want to beat the Rangers.
  10. See the prize. A win against the Rangers would be enormous. If our guys can see how big of win tonights game would be, and the following two, I think that right that would be a big motivator for our guys to win. Come on Jacoby, Dustin, Victor, Jason, David, Mike, Alex, J.D., Casey, Jo
    sh, Jon, Brad, Junichi and Clay, let’s bring home the win. We need to secure our play-off spot!

  • red sox.jpgSo, our mission is set: to beat the Rangers.
  • Why? To secure our play-off spot. (And no one wants to lose)
  • Let’s go Red Sox!